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Interview with National Concilor Dominique Baettig on the criminal investigation against George W. Bush (English)

When former US-President and Skull&Bones member George W. Bush announced to visit Geneva, Switzerland for February 12th 2011 to justify his War against Terror ,WeAreChange Switzerland lounged a campaign to try to insure that individuals charged with war crimes would not be able to enter Switzerland. Invited by the Zionist organization "Keren Hayesod", Bush Jr. was going to promote his autobiography to "selected" audience at a fund raiser event.   [Seite3: Wird Bush in Genf verhaftet]

The info campaign initiated by We are Change in Zurich and Bern attempted to mobilize various politicians, NGO's and communities for active participation with the purpose of preventing the visit or rather to get the Federal Public Prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant. The former US-President is accused of being responsible for the Iraq War as well as the preemptive torture of innocent prisoners for the purpose of retrieving information. Criminal charges were filed by the US Prof. Francis A. Boyle. Based on the Statut of Rome of the international criminal Court, National Council member Dominique Baettig demanded of the Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga to open an criminal investigation in case of Bush's entering Switzerland.

Capitol City of Bern pointed out that Bush had" functional Immunity", granted to individuals such as Bush still after their service to the Nation. Therefore such claims were to be considered unrealistic, according to the Swiss Justice Department. A letter of response to National Councilor Baettig dating from February 7th is a attached in French PDF in french  [Stellungnahme Email von Bundesamt für Justiz]
Nonetheless, the lawyer of this supposed Jewish organization, Robert Equey declared in an Interview with "Tribune de Geneve" that massive protests were expected and that therefore Bush was not going to decline the invitation. Meanwhile is turned out, that this fund raiser event was not endorsed by the Swiss Israeli Community (SIG). SIG distanced itself from the Zionist organization "'Keren Hayesod'  [conformation by SIG of Keren Hayesod not beeing a jewish community in Geneva]
Further late participants such as Amnesty International, private World Organization against Torture and Mr. Wolfgang Kalek were notified of this initative by WeAreChange via different sources such as an indirect mail distributor and they too addressed the press and Federal Government. Results in the media show that it can be sufficient, when a number of Citizens take actions and that often large organizations "above"the citizen are not necessary to initiate changes. [News articles about the canceling of Bush's visit in Genf]

There are good reasons, why only these later participants were interviewed by the mainstream media. For if it were reveled what citizens are capable of achieving, large donation collecting organizations would become obsolete in their mission of letting concerned citizens know that matters of citizen rights are been taken care of.
Beyond investigative activities at the Federal Government, preparations for Information- and protest events were being made before the visit was canceled.

WeAreChange at the Office of the Attorney General

On February 17th 2011 we were asking for an interview with Attorney General E. Beyeler. Also we delivered a folder containig all relevant document concernig Bush's requestt arrest. Unfortunately Mr. Beyeler was not available. Neither was any secretary inclined to come to the reception and sigh the delivery and discuss the criminal charges by Prof. Francis A. Boyle. Already in the week prior to February, 12th 2011 we attempted to contact Mr. Beyeler on behalf of the Bush matter to no avail. Finally, the delivery was signed by an employee of the Office of the Attorney General. [Bestätigung der Ordnerabgabe mit der Strafklage von Francis A Boyle betreffend G.W. Bush durch die Bundesanwaltschaft]

The receipt shown in the video is found as (Belege F). On February 4th we had an E-mail correspondence with Francis A. Boyle in order to optain more information as well as the criminal charges in print. All attachments are available here: [Sämtliche Anhänge betreffend der Strafklage Boyles gegen Bush]

Interview with National Councilor Dominique Baettig

Shortly after the evasive response of the Federal Public Prosecutor and the definite canceling of Bush's visit to Geneva, on February 17th we interviewed Mr. Baettig on his efforts to have Georg W. Bush arrested. This interview is dedicated to the interested public, it will take more people like Mr. Baettig and Mr. Boyle to protect constitutional rights.




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